Evolving Workwear

With a decade in contemporary fashion and as pioneers of sustainable clothing design, UNIFORMS is on a mission to create a modern look for personnel working in service, such as hotel, restaurant, and retail. Weaving tailoring with influences from streetwear, our range includes jackets with matching trousers, shirts, and jersey, as well as a selection of kitchen wear.

Sustainable Direction

Functional, resilient, casual yet elegant, we turn to companies who emphasize both modern aesthetics and longevity. By combining timeless designs with innovative fabrics, we aim to develop modern classics that may sustain years to come. All our garments are made of organic, recycled, and bio-based materials - carefully selected to embody the certain quality UNIFORMS stands for.

Design Customization

In such way we can work to modernize client’s brand image, customer experience, and benefits of the employees. In relation to their certain needs, we offer customized solutions to create an unique design and look;

* Meeting & Analysis

* Concept & Product Proposal

* Samples presentation, adjustments, and final order

* Product delivery


Our clients refer primarely to an increasingly conscious service sector; first-class hotels & restaurants in particular, who greatly value modern design and sustainability - among them Fotografiska, Pas’dart, Brasseriet, Paul Taylor, and Volvo Mobility.

To get involved, contact us sales@uniformsforthededicated.com